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Safe, Supported and Included

LGBTI young people have a right to an education, to be protected against discrimination, to be listened to and for their views to be taken seriously.


LGBT Youth Scotland has, for many years, worked closely with educators to help them support LGBTI young people. It has always been our ambition to make Scotland the best place for children and young people to grow up. A key part of that is equipping teachers and lecturers with information that helps them create learning environments that will support LGBTI young people to flourish. 

Through our #SafeSupportedIncluded campaign, we want to draw attention to the trend setters and role models in education in Scotland. We want to share the stories of the people who save and change lives on a daily basis by creating a culture of respect and inclusion. 

Over the coming months, we will be releasing three high-profile publications that draw on research and our direct work with young people: 

Supporting Transgender Young People in Scottish Schools

77% of transgender young people have experienced homophobic, biphobic or transphobic bullying in school. Developed in partnership with young people, Scottish Trans and a whole host of other organisations, these comprehensive guidelines aim to provide educators with a definitive resource for improving the lives of trans people in their schools. 

Developing a GSA in your school

Around a quarter of Scottish schools now have an LGBTI youth group or GSA (Gender and Sexual Orientation Alliance). While this represents an enormous step forward in creating safe, inclusive spaces, we aim to take this much further. Our toolkit, aimed at young people and teachers, makes it easier to take steps to establish a GSA that will have a lasting impact on students. 

Addressing Inclusion: Effectively Challenging Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia

Designed to complement the Scottish Government's National Approach to Anti-Bullying, this resource provides 'top tips' on tackling HBT (homophobic, biphobic and transphobic) bullying in education. Our Life in Scotland research found that 48% of young people don’t feel confident in reporting HBT bullying to adults. We aim to change that and work toward a place where all LGBT young people feel safe, supported and included in their education.


We want to get to know the heroes in the world of education, the people driving positive change, and to share their stories with the rest of Scotland. We want to hear from the educators and young people who have pushed school, college and university management to improve their policies. Or perhaps you are a leader or manager that has led the way?

As we shine a spotlight on great stories, we want you to share our tweets, Facebook posts and articles far and wide to help us show that Scotland really can be the best place to grow up. Help us to shout about the people who are getting it right for young people.



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