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Jenny's Story

I had just turned 15 when I first came to LGBTYS, I was struggling greatly with my mental health and being unsure of my sexuality didn't help the matter at all, neither did the relentless bullying I was facing everyday at school.

I was convinced I was going to leave school after fourth year because I was struggling so much being there, my mental health was shockingly bad and I felt that continuing at school would be detrimental for me, I didn't think I would make it to 18 especially not if I had to continue in an unsafe educational environment.

One of the best things LGBTYS offers is one on one sessions with the workers and if it hadn't been for my one on ones (or checkmates as they were called) there is absolutely no way I would have made my way through school. They helped me find ways to cope in education and I came to the conclusion that if I could transfer schools and continue coming to LGBTYS then perhaps I would be able to get some Highers.

I can 100% guarantee you that without the support LGBTYS gave me I would have left school with no qualifications but instead I left with a set of good highers and went on to university to study philosophy at 16! I only managed this because to me LGBTYS was a safe haven I just kept telling myself that no matter how horrible school got (and believe me it could get very horrible, as I'm sure some of you know) I always had two safe hours each week where I could be with people who cared about me and made me feel safe and wanted and who accepted me for who I was.

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