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Fundraise for us

We rely on the support of individuals and groups who take the initiative to fundraise for LGBT Youth Scotland to keep our youth work services running. There are lots of ways to get involved and support us at work, at school, university or college and in your community. 

Let us know about your fundraising plans by email to !

At work

There are lots of ways to support LGBT Youth Scotland at work. Whether you work for a small or large company here are our top three fundraising ideas for your place of work:

  • Hold a Raffle: Get your company and clients to donate exciting prizes and sell tickets to your staff team. A popular raffle prize your employer could donate is a half day’s holiday!

  • Host a Bake Sale: Everyone loves cake! Get your team to showcase their baking skills and host a bake sale. Why not make it a rainbow coloured theme? You could even put a competitive edge to it and turn it into an office Bake Off!

  • Hold a Dress Down Day: Ditch the tie for trainers and jeans for a good cause! Even add a little rainbow accessory to brighten up your office dress down day.

Did you know about match funding? Many companies now offer match funding – the Matched Giving Scheme is designed to encourage employees to get involved in the voluntary sector and to help fundraise for their chosen charity. Make sure to check if your employer might match whatever you’ve raised!

Would you like to chat more? We are actively looking to form partnerships with businesses who share our values and who are interested in a mutually beneficial relationship with an innovative charity working for young people. If you would like more information about fundraising at work or are interested in working in partnership with LGBT Youth Scotland email with your preferred contact details and we’ll get in touch to talk it through.

Let us know about your fundraising plans by email to !

At school, university or college

Do you have an LGBT group at your school, university or college? Or a charity committee? Why not suggest doing something in support of LGBT Youth Scotland! It’s great fun to organise and can help build a strong team spirit. Get your team together and raise much needed funds. Here are some ideas of what you can do:

  • Host a Flag signing and offer Rainbow Ribbons: Invite students, pupils and staff to sign their name on a rainbow flag to take a pledge for equality and inclusion. Why not also offer rainbow ribbons for people to wear to show their support!

  • Host a Bake Sale: Bake sales are always a popular choice! How about making it a rainbow coloured theme? Get the glitter and multicoloured icing sugar out and have fun decorating your cakes!

  • Hold a Dress Down Day: Get your whole school or department to take part in a dress down day. Extra points for rainbow-coloured accessories!

Let us know about your fundraising plans by email to !

In your community

Are you part of a sports club or a local community group and looking to raise funds to support LGBT Youth Scotland? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Organise a Bucket Shake: Got a match or an event coming up? Perfect setting to ask your supporters and guests to donate some loose change. Alternatively, maybe ask your local supermarket if they would allow you to shake a bucket in store? Just check the government website to see if you require a permit:
    Alternatively, drop us an email at for advice.

  • Host a Drag Show: Get your event manager hat on and organise a drag show in your local community. A great and entertaining way to raise money while celebrating various gender expressions!

  • Hold a Quiz Night: Why not run a quiz night at your local pub or in your community centre? It’s fun to organise and is a great excuse to bring people together for a good cause.

Let us know about your fundraising plans by email to !

Sponsored events

Challenge yourself by taking part in a sponsored event: walk, run, climb, cycle, swim... it's completely up to you!

  • Sign up to your sponsored event of choice.
  • Let us know what you're doing by emailing Don't forget to let us know your name, postal address and t-shirt size in the email.
  • We'll send you a fundraising pack and LGBT Youth Scotland t-shirt!
  • Set up your Virgin Money Fundraising page here - click ‘start fundraising’ on the top right menu.
  • Get fundraising and ask your friends, colleagues and family to sponsor you!

Let us know about your fundraising plans by email to !

Setting up a fundraising page

Setting up an online fundraising page is easy and lets you collect sponsorship without having to worry about getting cash from people and sending it to us - it does that automatically.

You can either set up a fundraising page on Virgin Money Giving or on Facebook.

To set up your Virgin Money Giving fundraising page, go here and click ‘start fundraising’ on the top right menu to create your fundraiser.

To set up a Facebook fundraising page, you need a Facebook account to begin with.

Once logged into your account, click here or follow these steps:

  1. Click Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed.
  2. Click Raise Money.
  3. Select Charity.
  4. Select LGBT Youth Scotland, choose a cover photo and fill in the fundraiser details.
  5. Click Create.

Fundraising resources

Looking for a fundraising bucket or collection can? Depending on your location, you may be able to pick one up from one of our offices.

Looking for our logo to use on your promotional materials? Looking for video resources you can play during your event or flyers to hand out?

Drop us an email at to let us know your requirements and we will try our best to support your fundraiser with the resources we’ve got available.

Pay in your fundraised money

Want to return the money you've fundraised? Whether you're paying in the money raised from holding a bake sale or organising a drag show - thank you for supporting our work! 

The best and most efficient way to pay in your fundraised money is by bank transfer. Simply fill in this form and email it across to We will email you the bank details and follow up with a fundraising certificate once your donation is received.

  • The difference you can make

    Your fundraising helps us support many more young people like Molly and Shauni
  • Looking for fundraising ideas?

    Get inspired by Aviva's office fundraiser

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