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LGBT Charter Story - Prince's Trust

Our organisational values always ensured an environment that was inclusive and welcoming to all groups, but we had never focused on one particular group's experience.


Embarking on our LGBT Charter journey we wanted to reach out to the LGBT community and send a positive message that we are an organisation they can come to and feel safe, included, and supported. We wanted to achieve an ethos across the organisation where LGBT inclusive learning, activity and practice was the norm and staff would feel confident and empowered to support LGBT young people.


Through a review of policies and practices, liaising with LGBT organisations for support and advice, we recognised improvements could be made allowing for a more positive experience from our LGBT service users.


Professional development was also key for us and we have embarked on an education and training journey equipping our staff and volunteers with the knowledge and skills to best support and understand LGBT people's needs and challenges. Staff have commented via our internal survey that training and education opportunities have definitely helped them improve their knowledge/skills.

For 2 years running we have attended Pride and inspired our colleagues down south to do the same. We have hosted LGBT events on Purple Friday and engaged our partners via campaigns that address prejudice and discrimination with many of them joining in the conversation and calls to action.

Our future plans are to continue with our LGBT Charter work and reach out more to the young LGBT community, with the help of organisations such as LGBT Youth Scotland, letting young people know of the opportunities we provide.

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