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LGBT Schools Charter Story - Cumbernauld Academy

Cumbernauld Academy achieved the LGBT Charter at Silver level in 2018.

“We wanted to support the increasing LGBT community within our school. We faced challenges as we were not knowledgeable enough about how best to ensure our young people were included and supported on a daily basis in school.

Our initial aim was to increase our knowledge in supporting trans young people. This very quickly led to us ensuring that the school became a more visibly inclusive environment where all of our pupils felt included and confident to be themselves.

The staff in general in the school became very passionate about ensuring our young people were made to feel included and supported in order to learn and fulfil their potential. The pupils also became very involved and passionate and we very quickly realised that the challenges we thought we may face would not present themselves.

The school has come a long way and we now have an environment which is visibly LGBT friendly. As a school we are now able to offer support to other local schools and have been doing so by sharing good practice."

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