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Programmes and Influencing

The Programmes and Influencing Team at LGBT Youth Scotland work to ensure that young people's experiences are reflected in practice, public policy and the media. We also create opportunities for young people themselves to be involved in policy development, media responses and in the creation of new programmes.

We do this by:

·       Working with education boards, schools and pupils to increase their capacity to create inclusive environments for all students. We aim to equip them to effectively handle homophobia, biphobia and transphobia.

·       We influence changes in policy by lobbying key decision makers, consulting with young people and responding to consultations on relevant issues. We also conduct extensive research on LGBTI young people’s lives. This provides more context around social issues such as mental health, education, gender recognition and domestic abuse, and the specific impacts these have on the young people we work with. 

·       Ensuring young people have a direct say in policy development. We set up youth commissions on Housing and Homelessness and Gender Recognition to give young people the opportunity to campaign and work with key professionals to provoke change on issues that matter to them.

·       Supporting communities and organisations to run events commemorating LGBTI milestones during LGBT History Month in February of every year.

·       Co-ordinating LGBT Domestic Abuse Scotland to ensure professionals in the sector feel confident in supporting LGBTI people in need of help. We carry out LGBTI-specific research, provide training and give guidance to other organisations from the sector.

·       Ensuring that members of our team sit on advisory boards, parliamentary committees, cross-party groups and professional networks so that LGBTI young people’s voices and experiences are represented.

  • Youth Commission: Gender Recognition

    The Youth Commission on Gender Recognition was established in September 2017 to coincide with the Scottish Government’s consultation to review the Gender Recognition Act (2004).

    View Youth Commission: Gender Recognition
  • Youth Commission: Housing and Homelessness

    The Youth Commission on Housing and Homelessness was set up in 2016 to focus on the experiences of LGBTI young people in the sector.

    View Youth Commission: Housing and Homelessness
  • Scottish Youth Parliament

    We have organisation membership of the Scottish Youth Parliament, with two MSYPs elected to present the views and needs of LGBT young people across Scotland.

    View Scottish Youth Parliament
  • International Participation

    We work to extend our youth activism across borders, supporting young people to apply for international opportunities through partner organisations.

    View International Participation

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