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Youth Activism

LGBT Youth Scotland works to ensure that young people's lived experiences are understood and listened to by key decision makers. We believe young people’s voices are powerful and can meaningfully change policies and practice in Scotland.
To achieve this we:

  • Carry out research and consultations with and for LGBTI young people
  • Respond to Scottish Government consultations
  • Set-up youth commissions to investigate topics that affect young people’s lives
  • Develop and support young people to get involved in campaigns
  • Create opportunities for young people to meet decision makers

Below you'll find just a few examples of this work.

  • Youth Commission: Trans Rights

    Join us as we campaign for trans rights and trans healthcare.

    View Youth Commission: Trans Rights
  • Scottish Youth Parliament

    We have organisation membership of the Scottish Youth Parliament, with two MSYPs elected to present the views and needs of LGBT young people across Scotland.

    View Scottish Youth Parliament
  • Youth Commission: Care Experience

    The Youth Commission on Care Experience ran from 2018 to 2020 to ensure the experiences LGBT young people in care settings were included in the Independent Care Review.

    View Youth Commission: Care Experience
  • Youth Commission: Gender Recognition

    The Youth Commission on Gender Recognition was established in September 2017 to coincide with the Scottish Government’s consultation to review the Gender Recognition Act (2004).

    View Youth Commission: Gender Recognition
  • Youth Commission: Housing and Homelessness

    The Youth Commission on Housing and Homelessness was set up in 2016 to focus on the experiences of LGBTI young people in the sector.

    View Youth Commission: Housing and Homelessness
  • International Participation

    We work to extend our youth activism across borders, supporting young people to apply for international opportunities through partner organisations.

    View International Participation

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