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Awarding Shawlands Academy the Silver Charter

Today, we awarded Shawlands Academy in Glasgow with our Silver LGBT Charter; at a presentation event that brought together staff, pupils and special guests. Fergus McMillan, Chief Executive of LGBT Youth Scotland, spoke about how two of the school’s biggest achievements during their Charter journey were innovations that are now being adopted by other schools.

With support from Leap Sports, Shawlands pupils developed a manifesto for inclusive Physical Education, designed to break down barriers that many LGBTI and non-LGBTI pupils encounter in the subject. This is now available for use by all schools here. The school also created a Social Dance policy that, rather than creating rigid gender divides and expectations, embraces a more relaxed and open approach to the school’s celebrations. Young people were consulted with and involved in the development of these initiatives from start to finish.

Former pupil of Shawlands Philippa York, Tour De France veteran and one of Britain’s most successful cyclists of all time, sent her warm wishes to the school:

“Congratulations to the LGBT group and Shawlands Academy in achieving the Silver LGBT Charter award. Education is the key to ensuring that everyone can be respected and welcomed whatever their sexual orientation or gender, so as a former pupil of Shawlands Academy I'm delighted that the school and its pupils are at the forefront of building a more accepting and tolerant society.”

Shawlands’ Charter journey was funded by Glasgow’s Health and Social Care Partnership, who paid for 15 schools in the authority to undertake the Charter programme with LGBT Youth Scotland. Councillor Jennifer Laydon (another former pupil) and Quality Improvement Officer Samir Sharma attended the award presentation, and spoke about Shawlands being an example of a school whose values “are apparent the moment you walk in the door”.

Find out more about the LGBT Charter here.


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