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The End of Eddy: Free workshop and play

Born into poverty in an isolated village in rural France, a boy grows up amongst hard men and women living hard and violent lives. Relentlessly bullied for being gay, this is the story of Eddy’s struggle to understand who he is, who he might become, and his fight to escape.

Written when he was just 21 and combining vivid storytelling with frank reflections on sexuality, class and power, Édouard Louis’ acclaimed autobiographical novel of hope, love, lust and anger is both unflinchingly honest and hugely entertaining. This new stage adaptation is a co-production from London’s Unicorn Theatre, the UK’s leading theatre for young audiences, and Scotland’s pioneering Untitled Projects’ team where it reunites visionary Scottish director, designer Stewart Laing and writer Pamela Carter whose Paul Bright’s Confessions of a Justified Sinner was part of the 2015 International Festival.

The Workshop

Working with Catharine Greenwood from the Unicorn Theatre in London, participants will be provided with an opportunity to connect with the play, gain an insight in to the theatre makers’ process and take part in drama and discussion ideas that explore the text. This workshop aims to open up the themes of the play and give opportunities to expand the imaginative life of the play. It also offers and opportunity to create new work which draws from the content of the piece.

Each participant will be given their own resource pack to take away containing excerpts of the script and examples of activities that will be explored in the workshop.

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