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Curriculum inclusion guidance launch

In the same month that the Scottish Government has made a commitment to LGBTI inclusive education, we launch our easy-to-use guide to including LGBT voices and identities across all areas of the curriculum.

Our 2017 research showed that 52% of LGBT young people who responded found education to be the place they most experienced discrimination. Though it can seem inconsequential, the absence of references to LGBT identities in our classrooms and curriculum means that the majority of LGBT learners will attend schools where there are few, if any, positive representations of who they are. This can lead to LGBT learners and families feeling excluded, and in turn this can compromise their wellbeing and achievements.

We’ve developed these suggestions and ideas with the intention that it will be up to teachers to choose how exactly this will work in their classroom and school. To support this, there are links to further information including lesson activities at the end of the guide.

Whilst we have specified discrete resources aligned to specific curriculum areas, it is worth noting that most of the ideas can be easily adapted or completed as part of interdisciplinary learning activities. Not only will this assist teachers in incorporating LGBT voices into existing topic areas, but it also assists with normalising expressions of LGBT identity across the curriculum and sends invaluable positive messages to learners throughout all areas of the curriculum.

We look forward to hearing from teachers about the ways in which they choose to use the guide in their classes. We’re committed to sharing best practice from schools across Scotland. To share your experiences, email or tweet at us @LGBTYS.

Download the guide now from our Resources page.

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