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#OurLives blog post: Love from Ireland

Some of our young trans friends over at BelongTo in Ireland, an organisation doing vital work supporting LGBTI young people there, sent us messages of solidarity as we campaign for the reform of the Gender Recognition Act. Ireland introduced legislation allowing statutory self-declaration for trans people in 2015.



Dear Scotland,

Be vocal. Find strong allies, including politicians. Be clear and consistent as a community with what you want, don’t back down. You will get push back, especially in regard to Gender Recognition for young people and non-binary people.

Don’t water down your message. Even if you don’t get everything, continue to fight for future amendments to the act. Self-declaration means self-declaration for everyone.

Ensure that you fight for a review mechanism so that amendments are possible. It does work – we in Ireland are living proof of this. Stay loud, stay focused, stay strong.

Love from Ireland



Dear Scotland,

We’re writing to you from the Individuality group run by BelongTo in Ireland.

I want you to know that you shouldn’t let anyone tell you not to be yourself. Trans young people’s voices must be listened to. We know it’s hard to be upbeat all of the time when you’re campaigning, so make sure that you take time to talk to your friends and people who “get it”.

Make sure young people are involved in your campaigning and that non-binary and intersex people are included as well as other trans people. Be sure to talk about the financial barriers to gender recognition – recognition is not a want, it’s a right!

Love from Ireland


Trans and non-binary voices are central to the #OurLives campaign. You can find more campaign content here.

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