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An update on our guidance for schools

LGBT Youth Scotland are aware that certain groups online have been encouraging their social media followers to send letters to individual schools and local authorities regarding our guidance on ‘Supporting Transgender Young People’. Contrary to misinformation around the Scottish Government’s approach, our guidance has never been withdrawn, and they have highlighted that it can be used to positively support pupils.

In response to requests for information the Scottish Government have stated:

“The guidance produced by LGBT Youth Scotland, in conjunction with the Scottish Trans Alliance, has not been withdrawn and remains available... The guidance is already being used in schools and education authorities across Scotland as it provides practical advice to support them to respond positively to meet the needs of their pupils. It is one of a number of tools which help education authorities and schools to prevent discrimination of pupils.”

The Scottish Government plan to update our guidance by the end of this year, working closely with us and other key stakeholders. This will ensure that there is consistent practice in schools across Scotland.

Evidence shows that trans young people continue to experience hatred, bullying and harassment and LGBT Youth Scotland is increasingly concerned about their wellbeing. We ask that people prioritise kindness and empathy and listen to the views of trans young people.

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20 Oct 2021


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