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RYA Scotland become the first Sports Governing Body to receive the LGBT Charter

We were thrilled to have Joe Fitzpatrick MSP, the Minister for Public Health, Sport and Wellbeing, present RYA Scotland with the LGBT Charter award at the 4th sportscotland Equalities and Inclusion Conference at Hampden Park this week. RYA Scotland are the first Sports governing body to receive the LGBT Charter.

Receiving the Charter Certificate from the Minister, James Allan Chief Executive Officer of RYA Scotland said:

“Since achieving the Sport Councils Advanced Equality Standard in 2016, we knew we needed a better understanding of the LGBT+ community and their connection to boating in Scotland. LGBT Youth Scotland have challenged and supported us along this journey and we have made changes to our principles, policies and practice as a result of our learning. At the same time we have found great confidence in our existing approaches to inclusion and equality in general and have developed a deeper appreciation of just how embedded equality truly is across our sport.

Completing the Foundation level of the Charter sends a very positive message that RYA Scotland is a champion of LGBT inclusion. It is a reflection of the inclusive nature of boating across Scotland and our commitment to our strategy that boating in Scotland is ‘A Place for Everyone’”

Jane Griffin, Head of Partnerships at LGBT Youth Scotland said.

“As a member of the boating community myself I’m especially proud of the work RYA Scotland has undertaken as part of their LGBT Charter journey. They have reached out far and wide into the community, involving people in all areas of boating and putting real thought into their inclusive practice. They have shared their learning with partners across the UK and are absolutely focused on making boating in Scotland a place where everyone is welcome and free to be themselves. We look forward to continuing to work with the team in the future.”

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