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Black Lives Matter: Next Steps

The #BlackLivesMatter movement rightly challenges us to look inwards at what steps we must take to be anti-racist in both our words and actions.  

We recognise that our organisation is predominantly white and that is something we must work to proactively address. While these steps don’t represent an end to us asking challenging questions of ourselves, they do represent a beginning.  

  • We will establish an internal group to explore intersectional issues, identify partnerships to build with organisations that represent Black communities and take actions to improve our practice, for example, in our recruitment and our youth work.
  • We will seek to learn and educate ourselves before acting. We need to build our skills and knowledge, so we will seek to undertake staff training and identify opportunities to better understand anti-racism.
  • We will use our platform - in our publications, events and social media - to amplify Black voices and the voices of LGBT people of colour. We will celebrate Black History Month across our communications platforms.


We believe it is the responsibility of all of us to reflect on our own behaviour and attitudes to race. We encourage everyone to do so, and suggest a few ways you might begin to do that:

LEARN Read the work of Black authors, listen to podcasts, follow Black activists on social media.

  • This list represents a small fraction of media you might like to use as inspiration for your reading/listening/watching.
  • Intercultural Youth Scotland’s ‘In Sight’ report is a powerful snapshot of some of the experiences of BAME young people in Scottish schools.
  • This 1XTRA talks special episode is an important and frank conversation about growing up as a Black person in the UK.
  • A librarian has assembled this comprehensive list of books for young people that explore race and racism.
  • are dedicating a weekend of airtime to Black Lives Matter, with online protest, art, discussion, music and more on the 6/7th of June.

WRITE  To your MP or MSP to express your opinions as a constituent. You might want to ask for their opinions too. Find out how to reach them here

You might also choose to sign one of these suggested petitions.

DONATE  If you can, donate to an organisation like Black Lives Matter, UK Black Pride, Intercultural Youth Scotland, anti-racism organisations or a fund that provides support to protestors in the USA. 

In the UK, here are two other suggestions: Black Minds Matter and Exist Loudly Fund.

We will share others on our social media over the coming days. If you can’t donate, perhaps you can share opportunities to do so with people you know.

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