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IMPORTANT: Cyber Fraud Notification

The Charity has experienced attempts to make a high number of small donations (mainly from US credit cardholders) starting from the 24th April and over the weekend. Whilst donations are welcome, we believe that this activity is unusual.

We have therefore reported the activity to our third-party platform payment provider and asked for any donations to be put on hold so they are not paid into our bank account. Their fraud team is currently investigating the activity and we will also report this cyber incident to the relevant UK authorities.

We believe that credit cardholders details have been compromised and the perpetrators are making small donations to test that the cards work before using the information to commit a larger fraud. If you think that you have been affected by this fraud then we would advise you to contact your credit card provider for advice as soon as possible. 

We are currently in the early stages of this incident but will update the news section of our website when we have more information.

(UPDATE 27/04/2020 17:00GMT) Our payment processor has confirmed that the transactions have been part of a "card-testing" incident where stolen details are used on small test payments before further transactions are made elsewhere. We are working to refund all transactions to cardholders within the next 24 hours although payments make take longer to appear in your account. In the meantime if you have been affected please inform your card issuer that your card details have been used fraudulently.

(UPDATE 28/04/2020 08:30 GMT) We have now processed all refunds through Stripe, our payment processor, who will transfer funds back to cardholders. These payments will take between 5-10 days to show in your account. Please note that none of these funds have been banked in LGBT Youth Scotland's accounts, in fact we have been a victim of this fraud as well. 

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