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LGBT Young Women and Girls in Scotland – Part 2

Are you an LGBT women or girl aged 13-25 and living in Scotland? Then we want to hear from you.

Earlier this year, we consulted with over 100 LGBT young women and girls in Scotland to find out about the issues that matter to them. We found that LGBT young women and girls face a number of challenges, both as young women and as LGBT people, and that they feel there is a lack of information and support available to them.

Some of the key issues identified included:

  • Sexualisation of LGBT women and girls
  • Experiences of harassment, abuse and violence
  • Lack of relevant advice or support

We are now inviting LGBT young women and girls to take part in a further consultation so we can better understand some of these issues. The consultation is anonymous, and you don't need to have taken part in the first consultation to participate; you just need to be willing to share your experiences and opinions on these topics with us.

Even if you feel you have never experienced any of these issues; your views still matter.

The consultation will help us to better advocates for LGBT young women and girls and to raise awareness of the issues that affect you.

If you have any questions about this consultation or our work with LGBT women and girls, please contact

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