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Noah’s Facebook Cycling Challenge


Remember how this year started out, pre-Covid-19? Many of us celebrated Hogmanay making new year’s resolutions and signing up to sponsored events to raise funds for charity. This year has undoubtedly turned out very differently for all of us. With fundraising events cancelled all over the country, we are grateful for people like Noah who took the initiative to find an alternative way to support our vital youth work services. Facebook Fundraisers are quick to set up and easy to share with your friends. You can either donate your birthday or take on a personal challenge just like Noah did. Read on to find out more about Noah’s cycling fundraiser:


“My name is Noah and I’m 21 years old. I bought myself a new bike after breaking my old one 2 years ago and decided to challenge myself to cycle 250 miles in one month. However, I needed a little extra motivation to give me a boost when I didn’t feel as up to getting out on the bike and there’s nothing more motivating than raising some money for a brilliant cause.

Picking a charity wasn’t hard as LGBT Youth Scotland is one close to me and many of my friends. I am a non binary, queer young person from the North East of Scotland and I still have an LGBT Youth Scotland badge from my first Pride, so it was an obvious choice. The work they do for young people like myself is integral for the future of the LGBT community in Scotland.

I love cycling, particularly being out in the fresh air and always find that it clears my head but I’m not a fan of an incline! I live in a rather hill covered area so have to just get past the nuisance! Thankfully there’s some pretty bonnie views.”


Thanks to people like Noah we can continue to support LGBTI young people across Scotland during this pandemic and beyond. 

You can make a difference too - find out more about how to set up a Facebook Fundraisers here.

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