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Our response to the Sunday Times front page

At the weekend, the Sunday Times reported that an unnamed UK Government source leaked to them a draft of what the UK Government Minister for Women and Equalities, Liz Truss, apparently proposes to do to undermine trans equality. LGBT Youth Scotland supports the Equality Network’s response to this. 

Specifically, the report made mention of Liz Truss planning to make it more difficult for trans teenagers to access puberty delaying medication, but gave no details. We are deeply concerned about this. If agreed, this will have a negative impact on the wellbeing of trans young people across the UK. The effects of puberty on the body are often irreversible; taking steps that allow young people to delay puberty has been found to improve their mental health and allow them to make decisions when they’re older.

If the UK Government changes or creates legislation/guidance around the treatment of gender dysphoria, these decisions could also seriously impact young people’s ability to access medical treatment in the UK for all sorts of conditions.

If you are a trans young person and you’re worried about how this could impact your treatment in Scotland, it’s important to know that Health is devolved to the Scottish Parliament. This means decisions regarding your health care will be made here in Scotland. There’s also legislation in place in Scotland that creates the framework for children and young people to make decisions. 



Importantly, it has been reported that NO proposals have yet been approved by 10 Downing Street - so you can help!

We join the Equality Network and Scottish Trans Alliance in their call to take action.

Across the UK and internationally, trans people, LGBT organisations, wider equalities organisations, academics, medical professionals, lawyers, service providers, businesses and thousands of individual allies will strongly resist any such roll-backs.

  • We call on the Scottish Government to take steps to proactively affirm the rights of trans people in Scotland.
  • We call on Boris Johnson to halt ANY steps that will roll back the rights of trans people and to leave trans people in peace.

We note that 70% of respondents to the UK Government Gender Recognition Act consultation supported removing the intrusive medical evidence requirements for correcting a trans person’s birth certificate. We cannot and must not ignore the will of the people and allow decisions to be made to the contrary.



You can help by urging @10DowningStreet on Twitter to not to take forward these anti-trans proposals. Alternatively, you can e-mail the Prime Minister here.  

Please act now! We anticipate this decision will be made shortly.

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