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#StillProud: Zoë runs 100km to raise funds

With all pride events cancelled this year due to Covid-19, our usual summer fundraising activities had to come to a sudden halt. The impact of this will have a lasting impact on our ability to keep services running, but thanks to people like Zoë we can be here to support LGBTI young people during this pandemic and beyond. Zoë decided to get involved in our #StillProud campaign and fundraise to support our work by taking on the #RunWithPride challenge. We have asked her three questions, read on to find out what it's all about.

Tell us all about your challenge!

"Over the course of July I'll be attempting to run 100km in order to raise money for LGBT Youth Scotland. It all started last month when a friend of mine sent me a link to an event, #RunWithPride, that was being hosted virtually this year instead of it's usual venue in Norwich. During the event, those taking part have the choice of running or walking a total of 5km, 10km, 25km, 50km or 100km across one or more sittings. I had begun training for a 10k in July and noticed that I was already running about 60km a month, so thought I'd really push myself and aim for that 100! I'm not quite at the stage where I can do that in one run though..."

What inspired you to take on the challenge and fundraise for LGBT Youth Scotland?

"As many Pride events have been cancelled all over the country, I really wanted to make sure that alongside my mini home-based celebrations I was still doing what I could for those that may have relied on Pride events for support. A lot of young people especially use Pride events and marches to feel accepted in a simultaneously public and safe space, and with those unavailable it can be an incredibly isolating time for many. The work LGBT Youth Scotland does both directly supports young people but also works with schools and businesses through the LGBT Charter programme ensuring they are proactively inclusive. Their work is so important and I wanted to do my own wee part in helping them continue that work."

What’s your most favourite and least favourite thing about running?

"To be brutally honest, my least favourite thing about running is running! I used to always be the slowest when I was at school and I was never really considered "fit", so it was always something I was a bit too embarrassed to do. I only took up running in 2017 when SpecialEffect asked me to take part in the Great Women's 10k, and it was the potential to fundraise for them that really appealed to me. Since then I've taken up a fair few different challenges, including a mini triathlon on New Year's Day this year for Scottish Women's Aid, but 100km in July will be my biggest challenge yet! I can't say running is all bad though, as the view that opens up as you run around Arthur's Seat is breathtaking every single time. Being outside in such a beautiful landscape really does make the pain worth it."

Zoë's is so close to achieving her fundraising target of £750! Check out her fundraising page here:


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