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The Ireland, UK and the Islands LGBT+ Youth Work Network

To all the LGBT+ children and young people: we see you and we hear you. 

As LGBT+ youth organisations from across the UK and Ireland, we are raising our (metaphorical) rainbow flags in solidarity with you, and commitment to being here for you. As LGBT+ youth organisations we are reaching out to welcome you in because we know the world is not taking the shape it usually does right now. It may bring up feelings of fear, worry and a lack of control.

You are not alone in this and we are all facing some level of uncertainty and challenge.

Some of you may find yourself living in spaces where those are around you are not accepting of your LGBT+ identity or you are unable to be out. This can feel incredibly challenging and unsettling. Some of you may have had to move back home from university, some of you will not be in school which may have been your escape and some of you will not be out and just beginning to explore who you are, but not feeling sure where to turn. This is, of course, going to add to the anxiety and isolation that you may already be experiencing. During this time, it is vital that you keep connected to those who acknowledge, respect and listen to you.

This is where we come in!

Whilst the world adjusts to this new way of life, we want to remind you that we are still here for you, your community, giving strength and connections, offering events such as digital youth prides, digital LGBT+ youth groups and one-to-one support. We have a strong history of uniting against some great challenges, and we can do it again. We assure you that we are still fighting your corner and we are still here to listen to you and support you.

We invite you, if you can, to contact us. We are here.



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