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Volunteers' Week profiles: Becca

Every day this week, we're sharing a profile of one of our incredible volunteers. If you're feeling inspired, learn more on our Volunteering webpages.

Name: Becca

Volunteer Area/Type: Edinburgh – Digital team

Volunteer Anniversary: June 2019

Early last year (2019), Becca was looking for a way to give back to the LGBT community and reached out to work on our digital team. Following her training, she joined as a digital volunteer working with young people looking for support online via live chat, email or SMS.

Becca chose the digital service “because I feel when I was younger, reaching out via the live chat would have been my first point of contact”. Her time spent on the service has not only been beneficial to the charity and the young people she supports; she has also made some great personal connections which she finds extremely rewarding. 

Whilst she may not work in a face-to-face group, they are held in the same space that she does her digital work, so she has joined in when she could; including participating in a quiz night which she thought was brilliant. Becca also commented on the youth groups, “[it’s] great to see everybody feeling at ease in the space and enjoying the activities”.

Becca says by working on the digital service, “It is always tough knowing that so many young people out there are struggling with their identity, or are in troubling circumstances, but there is always a way we can help and provide the support they need. Sometimes, just reaching out to somebody can make a huge difference.”

“So far, my volunteer experience has exceeded my expectation. The people I work with are really supportive and I feel I have learned a lot from volunteering.”

Our digital youth worker Ellie has worked closely with Becca on our digital service and shared this about her: "Becca has been a fantastic addition to the digital team. She approaches each interaction with understanding and empathy, working to get the best outcome for the young person we are working with. She's great at researching and finding solutions, finding the right places to signpost young people to, as well as providing a listening ear on live chat or over email. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she's great fun to work with too!

Becca is an avid animal lover, whether they are African lions, her rescue dog Avva or alpacas. She even spent a summer in Zimbabwe a few years ago on a lion rehabilitation programme. When she is not volunteering she manages her own digital marketing business in Edinburgh.

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