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Volunteers' Week profiles: Christian

Every day this week, we're sharing a profile of one of our incredible volunteers. If you're feeling inspired, learn more on our Volunteering webpages.


Name: Christian

Volunteer Area/Type: Talent Pool           

Volunteer Anniversary: June 2019

After moving back to the central belt last year Christian, a freelance photographer and musician, had free time and flexibility in his schedule and wanted to give back to his community and young people in general.

He joined LGBT Youth Scotland as a Talent Pool volunteer which allows Christian to volunteer on his own schedule. Christian was our photographer at this year's (2020) Parliamentary Reception for LGBT History Month. He said, “You don't often get to shoot events at Holyrood, it was lovely to see some friends and familiar faces too and of course, shooting a theatre performance in parliament featuring giant glowsticks is pretty memorable in itself!”. 

Christian has worked with many of our staff members on different events. Our Communications Officer Adam says, “Christian has this gung-ho game-for-anything attitude that makes him a joy to work with in comms. All the projects we do are a little bit unpredictable, from big events to the media scrum of Purple Friday in Parliament, and Christian is great at being reactive and improvising”. 

In addition to photography, Christian plays the bagpipes at concerts and ceilidhs all whilst studying for an MSc in Equality & Human Rights at the University of Glasgow.

Christian said, “He really enjoyed the training sessions LGBTYS provided. As a Talent Pool volunteer, it was really important for me to learn about the work of LGBTYS across the board, and even though I wasn't leading youth work sessions myself, it was really important to me to gain at least a sort of overview about the activities LGBTYS does in that regard.”

Thinking about his volunteer experience, he said, “It's really exceeded my expectations through the wide range of opportunities I get to be involved in. Particularly as a photographer it's not only been great fun, but I've also had some extremely valuable learning experiences. The events in Parliament were a great challenge as was Pride or the photo op with Fringe performers, and I feel like I've been able to learn a lot through it all. After every event I've been to with LGBTYS, whether that's training, a photo shoot or other event, I just feel so inspired and energised, and lucky to be part of the team in a small way”.

Christian has also bonded with some of our team on the events he has worked on. Fundraising officer Doro says, “Christian always has a smile on his face and gives great hugs! We bonded over the fact that we both speak German and both love photography. It’s great to have him be part of the team, he’s always full of enthusiasm and an absolute ninja photographer at our events!”.

Until our events restart, Christian says, “I'm using my lockdown to re-learn French (after forgetting everything I've learnt in school and not thinking about it for 10 years) and I am available if anyone wants to practice theirs".

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