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Charter Awardee Shout Out: Rossie Young People's Trust

In June, LGBT Youth Scotland was delighted to award the Bronze LGBT Charter mark to Rossie Young People’s Trust, an inspiring organisation in Angus providing support and care to young people who have experienced multiple adverse childhood experiences or traumatic events.

During their LGBT Charter journey, staff and young people worked together to make the organisation more inclusive by making sure LGBT identities and voices are included in policies, are visible online and on the premises, and are celebrated as part of the organisation’s ongoing practice.  

Rossie Young People’s Trust came up with loads of awesome ideas to include LGBT people’s experiences in their services.

From signing the LGBT flag as a group activity and wearing odd socks as part of anti-bullying week, to commemorating LGBT History Month and Purple Friday through making LGBT bunting (pictured) and an LGBT t-shirt design competition, the organisation celebrated LGBT people and identities in the most colourful and vibrant ways!


  • Here’s what some staff have told us about celebrating Purple Friday:

"Purple Friday was a wonderful day and some of the young people initially were unsure about it and the meaning behind it, but they all got on board and supported one another in the activities and even listened to our young people's stories and points of view around LGBT matters.

"This is a major thing for some of our young people. Staff also supported young people and the atmosphere on Purple Friday was wonderful around Rossie to see people enjoy the activities and learn about the meaning behind the day."

  • Rossie Young People’s Trust showed a great deal of appreciation to their Charter Manager, Daniel Bustillos:

"I think we were well supported from day one. We cannot thank Daniel enough for his support and guidance throughout the Charter."

  • It goes without saying that Daniel had great things to say about the organisation, too:

"Rossie was an absolute pleasure to work with. They took a holistic approach and the champion team had support from all levels. As a residential facility, Rossie was also ensuring young people felt safe and comfortable in their homes.

"cFrom the work Rossie did, you could tell that this was not just a tick box exercise, but something they wanted to get right. This was evident in the training session that also included their Chief Executive."

  • We asked Rossie how they would describe the benefits of undertaking the LGBT Charter to other organisations who are looking to undertake their own journey towards LGBT inclusion:

"I would say going into the charter we were unsure of what this journey would bring to Rossie. Having now completed it, it has made us review how we are inclusive to all from paperwork, recruitment, day to day practice with our young people and staff, policy review, language and wording we use to ensure inclusivity to all.

"It has made us stop and think of how we can include everyone at Rossie."

We’re hugely grateful to Rossie Young People’s Trust for dedicating work and passion throughout their LGBT Charter journey, and for being proactive in thinking about inclusion for all in their services.  

For more inspiring examples of what organisations are doing as part of their LGBT Charter journey, Charter members can visit our LGBT General Charter Resources on the LGBT Charter SharePoint.  

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