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Closing the picnic basket

We are on a mission to make Scotland the best place to grow up for LGBTI young people. We support young people when they need it the most. We provide opportunities for them to grow and develop skills. We also make sure their voices are heard by decision makers. And we work with other organisations, schools, and businesses to help them be more inclusive.

But the thing iswe can’t do this alone. We rely on donations and fundraising from awesome people, groups, and businesses to keep our work going. 

Every Pride season we run a fundraising campaign and usually lots of people get involved, fundraise and donate at Pride events. During Covid and the absence of actual Pride events this has been a little tricky. So, we launched LGBT Youth Scotland’s Pride Picnic.

Hosting a Pride Picnic was all about catching up with loved ones we haven’t seen in way too long and fundraising to support our vital work.

We were delighted so many of you got involved and celebrated Pride Month by hosting a Pride Picnic! In total there were 180 picnics registered, taking place in 91 locations across Scotland. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has hosted or attended a Pride Picnic and donated to our charity. I leave it to one of the young people to explain the difference your fundraising has made:

“Without LGBT Youth Scotland lockdown would have been horrible. I would not be communicating with anyone outside my immediate family and like two friends, so being able to communicate with the other people I normally see at group is good. And getting support from youth workers has helped a lot too, my mental health would have been in a much worse state than it is now, and I am not sure I’d be safe or alive right now.”

- Doro Weber, Fundraising Manager

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