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International Pronouns Day: New lesson plan

International Pronouns Day is the third Wednesday of October. This is a day to raise awareness about the use of pronouns and why they are important to people’s sense of identity.

In the spirit of this day, LGBT Youth Scotland has created a lesson on International Pronouns Day and accompanying teachers’ notes for schools and organisations working with young people.

First, what are pronouns?

Pronouns are words that you use in place of a noun, like someone’s name. Instead of always having to use people’s names, we often use pronouns in their place. An example of a pronoun is he/him, she/her or they/them but there are a wide variety of pronouns other than these that people may use such as ze or zie.

Why do we have an ‘International Pronouns Day?’

The conversation around pronouns and how, for some people, they link to identity has been amplified in the last decade, with many social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn all having a dedicated space to show your pronouns.
The use of pronouns is embedded in our everyday language, so much so we may not even think about using them.

However, pronouns can be incredibly important to somebody’s identity and sense of self, particularly for gender diverse young people. So, it is important that we understand why they are important and why we should not assume somebody’s pronouns before asking.

This day is an opportunity to reflect on what pronouns are and why they are important.

Resource for teachers

Our new resource is for P7-S6 classes to learn about what pronouns are, why they matter and how to ask about pronouns. We hope that this resource builds confidence amongst young people when having discussions around pronouns and identity, as well as among your staff and colleagues.

This resource does not have to be delivered in full or even delivered on International Pronouns Day – it can be used at any point to raise a conversation about pronoun use and respecting others’ identities.

This resource will add to the work LGBT Youth Scotland are doing to normalise expressions of LGBT identity across the curriculum and sends invaluable positive messages to learners around acceptance, respect, and equality.

You can download the International Pronouns Day 2021 Lesson and Teachers' Notes now. 

You can also find these and other resources in our Lesson Activities and Assemblies page and on the LGBT Charter Hub for schools who are part of our LGBT Charter Programme.

We look forward to hearing from teachers about the ways in which they may use these resources in their classes.


If you have used this resource, or any of our other resources, we would love to hear your feedback via this link.

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