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New workshop for schools and youth work

February is LGBT History Month in Scotland, and LGBT Youth Scotland are proud to co-ordinate this community-led festival of LGBT history and culture.

In usual times, this would consist of a programme of events around the country; an opportunity to bring together activists and allies to learn from one another and make new connections. This year, we’re pleased (and more than a little surprised) to say that participants have stepped up to host over 40 events online. The programme features everything from drag performance to lectures and panel discussions. 

As you might already know, the theme for this year is Unsung: a rallying call to pass the microphone to members of the LGBT community whose stories are less-often heard. This year’s programme invites participants to explore intersectionality in recognition of the value of collaboration and mutual learning when equalities campaigns connect with one another.

Intersectionality is a school of thought that has taken on new energy in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020, and we think it’s an important one for young people to explore. It can be fairly complex to get to grips with, so we’ve created a workshop for secondary schools and youth groups that introduces and explores the topic. It’s designed for delivery over screen sharing on Teams or Zoom, and is accompanied by comprehensive presenter notes.

We’d love to hear your feedback on how the workshop was received by young people and whether you found it accessible to present. We hope you enjoy delivering it as much as we have creating it!

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