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Our team are upping their game for Purple Friday

Two weeks ago, our team started their virtual Pass the Torch Relay challenge for Purple Friday, pledging to cover 2,000 miles throughout February and raise £2,000 for LGBT Youth Scotland.

So far, they have completed an incredible 824 miles through a mix of running, walking, cycling, rowing, VR boxing and roller skating. Most of it so far has been completed in the snow, sleet and rain - the Scottish winter weather has truly outdone itself this year!

Thanks to the wonderful and generous support of friends, family and supporters far and near, the team reached their £2,000 fundraising target yesterday. To everyone who has donated so far, we cannot thank you enough!

To keep their spirits high and their bodies pushing hard through the tough winter conditions, the team have decided to up their targets – both in terms of fundraising and the total distance pledged. We are thrilled to announce that the team will now cover a total of 3,500km to raise £3,500 by the end of February, in order to raise funds for our vital youth work services.

You can cheer them on with a donation here:

Here’s a couple of our team members talking about why they are taking part and what it means to them to support LGBT Youth Scotland:



Why not join the Pass the Torch Relay and get involved yourself? Find out more here:

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