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Speaking Up For Our Future: The LGBTYS Manifesto 2021-2026

Today, we launch an important publication that will direct our work for the next 5 years. Through extensive consultation, Speaking Up For Our Future: LGBT Youth Scotland’s Manifesto 2021-2026 reflects the views and experiences of LGBTI young people and enables their voices to be heard.

This document covers the expected parliamentary term of 2021-2026 and sets out ambitious but achievable asks. Consultation and writing of the manifesto took place throughout lockdown in 2020-2021, and whilst the impacts of Covid-19 are included, it goes beyond this period and sets aspirations for the future.

The manifesto aligns with the LGBTI Equality Manifesto 2021-2026 Scottish Parliament, adding the seldom heard views and experiences of LGBT young people.



Our Manifesto covers the following areas:

LGBTI inclusive education

Continued implementation of LGBTI inclusive education, ensuring all of the recommendations from the Report to the Scottish Ministers (2018) are fully realised; and that the progress made so far is built upon in the 2021–26 parliamentary term.

Healthcare for trans young people

Ensure NHS services are fit for purpose for trans young people. Take action to substantially reduce the lengthy waiting times for first appointments within Gender Identity Services as a matter of urgency, by providing centralised crisis funding and piloting new ways of delivering services.

LGBT young people’s mental health

Tackle LGBT mental health inequalities by taking forward targeted work on mental health improvement and prevention and ensuring that mental health services are equipped to support LGBT people.

Protect and progress LGBTI young people’s rights

Protect and progress LGBTI rights, through enshrining LGBTI human rights in Scots law, taking measures to end ‘conversion therapy’, reform of the Gender Recognition Act and taking action to further I/VSC equality.

Community safety and safer spaces

Improve community safety and inclusion for LGBTI young people, funding services and ensuring that work on tackling issues such as hate crime, homelessness and domestic abuse include LGBTI-focused measures.

Other asks from LGBTI young people

As part of our consultation, it was clear that young people want the Scottish Government to take action on a number of issues including international LGBTI rights and climate change, as well as intersectionality and the Black Lives Matter movement.

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