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Why I want to be an MSYP: Fin Buchan

In November, young LGBT people accessing LGBT Youth Scotland’s services will be able to vote for two LGBT young people to represent them at the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP).

Each of those elected will become a Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYP) for LGBT Youth Scotland and will serve a term of two years. During that time they will work with the Scottish Youth Parliament to improve the rights of LGBT young people in Scotland.   

There are five candidates standing for election and each of them has written a blog to explain why LGBT young people should vote for them. This is candidate Fin Buchan's blog.

Find out more about the Scottish Youth Parliament election and why it’s important here

Why I want to be an MSYP

I want to be an MSYP because I'm really interested in politics and human rights, especially surrounding young people. I'd love to have the opportunity to advocate for other young people around me and listen to what they find important so I can voice their opinions too.

I have a background in protesting and advocacy so being able to take that to a more professional level has always been a dream of mine.

I'm trans* (Masculine non-binary) and otherwise Queer myself so LGBTQ+ rights are something I feel really passionately about and are something I've spent a lot of time protesting and campaigning for outwith LGBT Youth Scotland.

How I will consult with other young LGBT people

I plan on consulting with young people within LGBT Youth Scotland by making visits to the online youth groups where possible and asking questions within our amazing Discord server, whether that's in a casual environment or through something more formal like a national session.

I find adding reactions to Discord messages is always a really useful way of telling which option/issue is the most important to other young people. (Plus, it makes things a bit more fun!)

Another way I'd like to consult young people is through the use of social media, as this reaches other service users who might not check the Discord server as frequently. If any issues that I'm not well educated on or don't know as much about get brought up I'd also love to do a separate follow up with the young person/people who brought those issues up to get a better in-depth look.

Why you should vote for me

I think someone should consider voting for me because I am a confident candidate with good experience in politics and campaigning, through both LGBT related events like pride, and through environmental and disability advocacy. I have organised and spoken at several of these events, which has given me great experience in public speaking, especially getting my point across.

As I've mentioned above, I am trans* myself so I am a strong believer in trans rights, especially within healthcare as it's a system I've had personal experience in.

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