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Why I want to be an MSYP: Shaun Horne

In November, young LGBT people accessing LGBT Youth Scotland’s services will be able to vote for two LGBT young people to represent them at the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP).

Each of those elected will become a Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYP) for LGBT Youth Scotland and will serve a term of two years. During that time they will work with the Scottish Youth Parliament to improve the rights of LGBT young people in Scotland.   

There are five candidates standing for election and each of them has written a blog to explain why LGBT young people should vote for them. This is candidate Shaun Horne's blog.

Find out more about the Scottish Youth Parliament election and why it’s important here

Why I want to be an MSYP

I want to be an MSYP because I believe that the voices of young people and LGBT+ young people are not being heard enough.

I believe that everyone has a voice no matter who or what you are.

I want to stand up not just for issues that I want to stand up for but for as many issues I can.

My priorities

The issue I want to stand up for is LGBT+ inclusive education as I went to Catholic school and they didn't have this as a faith school. I believe if all faith schools had this I would have realised who I was earlier and would have been happier with myself sooner.

I also want to stand up for issues affecting trans people as even though I am a cis person I have many friends who are trans and I have heard their experiences. It honestly made me cry hearing those issues and I want to help make a change for that community.

I will stand up for any issues affecting LGBT+ young people no matter what issue it is. I want to help make sure everyone's voices are heard and seen as everyone has the right to speak up and help contribute to change for the better.

I used to find it hard to speak up sometimes but I grew in confidence and I believe I can speak to anyone, anywhere in any numbers. When I see something that is wrong, I want to help in any way I can and I believe with this platform I can help lead this change not just for our community but for everyone.

How I will consult with other LGBT young people

I would, if possible, set up as much social media accounts as I can and also set up an email. I would do this because I know not everyone will have some social medias so I want to reach as many young people and LGBT+ young people through doing this.

I would also speak to as many young people and LGBT+ young people to see what the best way of communicating with them and updating them regularly is. I would give them as many possible options as I can from email to questionnaires or forms.

I also want to make sure they know that I am safe to talk to about anything and that I cannot force them to say anything they don't want to in order for them to feel confident and comfortable talking or reaching out to me. I would do this by emphasising this to them when I can so they definitely know they are in a safe environment and letting them know that everything they say to me will be in confidence to make sure they feel confident enough to speak freely.

Why you should vote for me

Someone should vote for me because I really want this and I believe that with this platform I can make this world a better and safe place for our community. I have done a lot of growth over these years and I have grown to the point where I will be responsible with this role and do it in the safest way possible in order for this change to happen.

I have developed a lot of my skills from good communication skills to good listening so I know I will have enough passion, determination and skill set in order to succeed in this role.

I have always put others before myself and helped as many people as I can and this will allow me to reach a bigger platform of young people and LGBT+ young people in order for me to help a bigger community and make this world a safer and better place for our community to live in.

I will stand up for any issue no matter what it is and even if I don't relate to the issue, I will treat like I treat any issue and tackle it to the best of my ability.

I will also represent LGBT Youth Scotland in the most professional way I can and make sure I represent them in the nicest way possible. I also treat everyone as equals so I will not judge anyone.

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