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You’re a winner, baby!

From everyone at LGBT Youth Scotland, we’d like to extend a massive thank you to everyone who has registered their Pride Picnic so far – there's now over 160 picnics planned around Scotland at this halfway point in the month! 

While you can still register your picnic until the end of June, our competition has now CLOSED. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve absolutely loved reading all your amazing reasons for hosting a Pride Picnic and choosing our winners wasn’t easy.

We laughed, we cried, we punched the air with enthusiasm. 

Without further ado, here are our winners: 

Louise, Edinburgh: Eight rainbow bagels from Bross Bagels 
“I want to show support for my trans teen who is inspirational ️” 

Angela, Edinburgh: Eight rainbow bagels from Bross Bagels 
“I'm looking forward to hosting my Pride Picnic to stand proudly beside my daughter (aged 15) and her friends in the local community. My daughter is proud of who she is and is a huge advocate for people's rights. This will be the first year she has shown her true self not just to herself, but to the world and I think being part of Pride is an important of her understanding herself and the important history that Pride is about.” 

Zoë, Edinburgh: Eight rainbow bagels from Bross Bagels 
“I'm looking forward to hosting a Pride Picnic because I've missed my friends terribly. It's been such a difficult year for all of us and the opportunity to get together again, in lieu of marching, is so restorative. Besides, this is the perfect opportunity to put all the baking skills I've learned over lockdown to the test, have a disaster, and then run to Bross to buy some rainbow bagels at the last second to pass off as my own.” 

Zac, Edinburgh: Tattoo from Abz Mills
“It will be the first time I can be surrounded by my proud family. Celebrating Pride is the event I look forward to every year and last year I never got to feel proud about myself so this year I want to be proud I can make an event like this. With the help of LGBTYS this wouldn’t be possible. You’re all absolutely incredible and I am happy/lucky to class you all as my family.” 

George, Dundee: Afternoon tea for two at Madigan’s Tearoom and Bookshop 
“Everyone knows a bear likes a good pic-a-nic basket!” 

Melanie, Glasgow: Brunch for two at Café Salmagundi 
“I'm looking forward to our Pride Picnic because my beautiful trans daughter will be turning 18 this year. This will be her last summer as a youth and we want to celebrate the wonderful person she is becoming. After the loneliness of lockdown, bullying from school, rejection by many she once considered friends, we want to gather as friends, family and let her know she is BEAUTIFUL. She is strong, she is a survivor and she has taught us the spirit of pride.”

Rebecca, Larbert High School: Artisan coffee and hot chocolate from Unorthodox Roasters 
“I want to give all the pupils who come along to our GSA a little send off before the summer holidays. Every week they come along to our LGBTQ club in school and bring joy and passion to everything we do and they are all so supportive of one another. The picnic would give them a Pride event in school where they can have fun with other LGBTQ pupils and allies and celebrate their identity.”

Kim, Falkirk: Book bundle from Lighthouse Bookshop 
“I’m looking forward to hosting my Pride Picnic because I want to make the young people in my workplace (children’s home) feel they are living in a world where they can be anything they want to be, and feel what they want to feel and know that it is their right to do so.”

Kirsty, Gorebridge: Voucher for Birnam Arts 
“My wife and I first fell in love at Pride Edinburgh, clichéd, we know! Since then, there have been many prideful things happening in our wee lives, but also those of our close friends and community. We wanted to celebrate Pride this year in our own way and really celebrate our friends for how much they have grown in the past 2 years in these difficult circumstances. We are having our picnic in our back garden and will be celebrating our queerness for the first time in an open way like this (despite being married!). We want to ensure that any kids in the neighbourhood know there are different families here and that it's a good thing. Sometimes it just takes one household to make you realise there are people out there like you, and we think that is important.”

Ellen, Edinburgh: Gift voucher for Logan Malloch 
“I'm looking forward to hosting my Pride Picnic to remind us of who we are, as a lot of us may have lost a sense of self over the past year, or may have been unable to express our identities and true beautiful selves in the way we normally would - I want to help remind everyone that we are all welcome, deserving, and beautiful.”

Natalie, Hawick: Gift voucher for The Portobello Bookshop 
I'm looking forward to my Pride Picnic because it will be my first time celebrating Pride with family! When I first came out my mum’s reaction wasn’t the best and now she can’t wait to have a picnic together. I've never been to a Pride march either as my mental health didn’t allow me to so this is going to be something really new. My sister is also going to the picnic as last year she also came out to my mum! Overall a special occasion.” 

Kelsey, Glasgow: A picnic hamper from Transylvania Shop and Coffee 
“Nothing beats the blues and lifts your mood like spending time with your loved ones. Whether it's your birth family or your chosen family having that support group of friends who love you for you is invaluable and being able to enjoy the company of those loved ones in the sun, or rain as it is Scotland, while raising money for an amazing cause is an event worth getting excited for! Pride as we know it may not be happening this year but that's not going to stop us celebrating who we are with the ones we love!”

Ruairidh, Eyemouth: A candle from Poof Candles 
“It's an opportunity in our rural community to bring young and old queer folks together after deep isolation and exclusion of Covid.”

Jamie, Kirkintilloch: One of LGBTYS’s new t shirts
“I'm looking forward to hosting my Pride Picnic because as a recently appointed pupil leader for my school's LGBT group, I've met loads of new people in the last year or so who haven't fully had a chance to express themselves and partake in any type of pride activity, having only joined the group during a pandemic. I'm excited to be responsible for organising an event which will be many of my peers' first time doing something like this! I'm hoping to create a welcoming, friendly atmosphere and provide a place where we can all relax, hang out and be ourselves for a day. I find it so unfortunate that people who've joined us in the last year or so haven't had the same type of experience that I did in our wonderful LGBT group and I want to do everything in my power to try and amend that - which is why I'd love to host a Pride Picnic!”

Even if you didn’t win, fear not - most of our prize donors are 
supporting us throughout the month

Congratulations to all our winners! 

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