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Proud to be waving the Purple Flag

Greig Ratcliff, Music Teacher and LGBT Charter lead at Bishopbriggs Academy, shares his school’s commitment to Purple Friday.

At Bishopbriggs Academy we know our young people are the future of Scotland, and we want that to be the best Scotland it can be, built on showing compassion and consideration to each other, and so it is an absolute honour to be named LGBT Youth Scotland's Flagship Purple Friday School for 2022. 

Our school's vision, values and aims are aligned to social justice and a commitment to inclusive education andas part of that, every year we raise money for charities that resonate with our pupil body. Since Bishopbriggs Academy opened its doors in 2006, we have managed to raise over £300,000 for local and national charities.

We are excited that Purple Friday is part of this ongoing charity support, not only raising money for LGBT Youth Scotland but also raising awareness and promoting inclusion for our young people and wider community and continuing the journey we have started with the LGBT Charter.  

For us, Purple Friday is about coming together and demonstrating that nothing should stand in the way of acceptance and inclusion, and we don’t see why that shouldn’t be fun at the same time!

This Friday we will be getting the whole school involved doing laps of the campus to contribute to the national goal of ‘walking the outline of Scotland’ – by the time we all go home we’ll have walked over 3,000km! Our fabulous in-school Cupcake Academy is also baking 1,200 cupcakes with purple iced hearts and selling them throughout the day so there is a real sense of the whole school getting behind the event. We are so proud to be part of something so positive for LGBTI young people across Scotland, and so proud of all our young people and stakeholders for continuing to promote equality and inclusion. Bring on the Purple!

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