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Spotlight: Rowan turns a big birthday into a fundraiser

Meet Rowan (20) from Glasgow who is about to do something incredible in support of our work. Rowan has decided to turn a big birthday into a fundraising event. Read on to find out more!

Tell us about your fundraising challenge!

My name is Rowan and on 15th May 2022, I will be doing a sky-dive at Skydive St Andrews for my 21st birthday to raise money for LGBT Youth Scotland. I am paying for my own skydive so all money raised will be going towards your charity. 

Growing up as part of the LGBTQ+ community in Scotland can be challenging but having people who are working hard to educate school students and staff, businesses and the public is reassuring and paves the way for a better future for all LGBT young people in Scotland. If it was not for organisations like LGBT Youth Scotland, I believe that my experience of growing up as a pansexual trans man in Scotland would have been more dangerous and terrifying, but due to the increase in education, more people have become open-minded and more accepting of people like me. To ensure young people like me continue to feel safe and supported, I would like to give my support as well as the support of those who will donate to the charity in joint support for my skydive. 


Why did you choose skydiving?

I picked skydiving as it is something I have always wanted to experience. I love a good adrenaline rush therefore skydiving is the perfect choice. It makes my birthday memorable and the fundraiser will be going towards a good cause. 

What does a skydive involve?

The skydive itself is a "tandem jump" out of a plane, in which you are strapped to an instructor who has full control of the dive. The height of the jump is approximately 10,000ft above ground level and there is a freefall for 30 seconds at 120 mph before the parachute is deployed at 5,000ft. The instructor gives you the option of a calm fall or a thrill seeker fall, which involves sharp turns and spiral descents. The instructor also gives you the option of steering the parachute after it is deployed. 


Why did you choose to fundraise for LGBT Youth Scotland?

I chose to create a fundraiser for LGBT Youth Scotland as I admire the work they do for the young people in Scotland. I have friends who have attended support groups organised and run by LGBT Youth Scotland and they have all had positive experiences. The education and resources that the charity provides for schools and workplaces is a huge factor in why I decide to create a fundraiser for them as increased education in these sectors will make a safer and more open place for people like me. Feeling safe in these environments makes all the difference and I want to be able to contribute to this in any way I can. I had also asked people online which charities I should consider creating the fundraiser for and LGBT Youth Scotland was suggested several times, which consolidated my decision in creating the fundraising page for them.

If you would like to cheer Rowan on you can donate here:

Feeling inspired and got a birthday coming up? If you like the idea of “donating your birthday” to help us make Scotland the best place to grow up for LGBTI young people, get in touch with our fundraising team at

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