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Together, we can save our planet

Last November, five young people from our youth groups - Cameron, Fin, Jay, Jo, and Shaun - took part in a climate change project culminating in an event at the COP26 Green Zone. Here, they reflect on the experience and what they learned

We started our COP26 steering group back in February of this year in the hopes of learning more about climate change and what we as young people can do to combat it.
Through working with lots of different people and organisations, we gained insight not just into how climate change is damaging our earth, but also some of the ways in which companies are using technology to aid us in our climate crisis.
As a group we learnt a lot: from information about climate change to information about different roles in interviewing.
We learnt about different terms in climate change, including net zero which refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas we produce to the amount received from the atmosphere, which lots of companies are aiming to achieve in the upcoming years.

Last but not least we learnt about what companies are doing to help tackle climate change, from Sainsbury’s having plant-at-home packages for people to plant more plants at home, and innovative tech companies like Naked Energy developing technology to maximise the intensity of the sun that goes for solar thermal PV that can deliver 3.5x the carbon savings.
We learnt many fascinating facts and information about climate change and what technology companies are doing to tackle climate change — and you can too.
By the end of our project, we had successfully co-hosted a part of COP26 and interviewed several companies about their work in energy transition. 
This was a massive accomplishment for all who were involved and definitely saw lots of hard work pay off.

We are all in agreement that what we achieved goes way beyond the event at the start of November. With everything we have learned, we have become more confident individuals both in our own abilities and working as part of a team, and also feel more educated on the topic of climate change.
We have shared our knowledge with those around us and have been able to start conversations about what is being done to stop the climate crisis instead of only worrying about what will happen if society continues in its current way.
We believe that other organisations should be creating and taking part in projects around the subject in order to involve their community and allow them to develop their knowledge and understanding of climate change in a practical manner so that they too feel able to have discussions on the topic without feeling they are out of their depth.
Tackling climate change starts with education. We all volunteered to take part in this project as we were eager to learn more about what we can do to help our planet and we wish that everyone will, at some point, have an opportunity similar to us.
Alone, someone may feel that they can't make a difference but as part of a group, we feel more reassured in our belief that we can make a difference.
Together, we can save our planet.

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