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Mind our health

The Mind Our Health campaign is designed and developed by our Youth Commission on Mental Health and aims to increase the understanding of LGBT young people’s experiences or poor mental health and to raise awareness of young people’s rights in relation to mental health support.


What we know

LGBT Youth’s Scotland’s Youth Commission on Mental Health was first set up in July 2016. It consists of 10 from all across Scotland young people who want to make a difference in improving LGBT young people’s experiences when accessing support.

The youth commission found that LGBT young people are most likely to experience poor mental health as a result of:

  • experiencing prejudice or discrimination;
  • and pressures to conform to gender norms.

Our research also tells us that:

  • 40% OF LGBT young people consider themselves to have a mental health problem;
  • LGBT people feel that substance support services are not inclusive to their needs;
  • LGBT young people are concerned that medical professionals will make assumptions regarding their LGBT identities.

“LGBT Identities don’t cause mental health. Discrimination does!” Young Person

We want to see

  • Improved mental health services for LGBT young people and for mental health professionals to receive training to understand the experiences of LGBTI young people;
  • Increased awareness for LGBT young people on their rights are in relation to mental health services and improved improve knowledge of support services


Campaign Phases

PHASE 1: Awareness Raising

The young commission developed eight individual infographics which express the context, research and lived impact poor mental health can have on LGBT young people today.

These were released on May 17th for International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) 2017.

PHASE 2: Young People’s Rights

The commission have developed a fold out resource which includes 5 key rights that they felt LGBT young people should know when accessing support.

This will be launched at Pride Edinburgh on the 17th of June 2017 along with a series of animated clips. These resources will then be distributed to LGBT youth groups across Scotland.

PHASE 3: Influencing Decision Makers

The final phase of the campaign involves the setting up meetings with key decision makers and organisations to discuss our findings and to highlight:

  • LGBT young people’s rights when accessing mental health services
  • The importance of training for mental health professional so they feel proficient and confident to support young LGBT young people

    “I am recovering from depression and anxiety… mainly because of bullying at school.” Young Person

We are working with Scottish Youth Parliament, SeeMe and SAMH and will highlight similar messages including: the need for improved access to mental health services, recognition of youth work’s contribution to supporting young people, and the need for improved support in school settings.


How can you help?

We would love to get their campaign messages out to as many young people and professionals as possible. It would be great if you could share the graphics and rights videos across your social media channels. Below is some key info:

• Follow us @LGBTYS for all live tweets and messages

• Use the hashtag #MindOurHealth

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