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#OurLives: Trans Youth in Focus

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At LGBT Youth Scotland we believe that positive, realistic representations of minority groups in the media are vital in making Scotland the best place to grow up for LGBTI young people.

This is particularly important when it comes to trans and non-binary young people, whose voices are underrepresented in the very public conversations that affect their lives. 

Trans young people have a story to tell, and right now they need friends and allies to stand beside them and call out the transphobia they have to encounter on a near daily basis online and in the newspapers.

The #OurLives campaign is about cutting through the misinformation and sharing stories of trans experiences without a filter. We want to work with our friends and partners to put a spotlight on the humans behind the headlines, as well as demanding better from those who choose to sensationalise and misrepresent their lives.

Over the coming weeks, we'll be sharing blogs, photography, video and more from trans young people across Scotland. Make sure you follow our social media so you don't miss a thing.

Trans youth are amazing. Isn't it time we all got to know them better?


The #OurLives pledge:

"I’m putting trans youth in focus and pledge to make a stand against transphobia when I encounter it. #OurLives"


We want you to show your support for the campaign in three simple ways:

1.     I will share the #OurLives pledge on my social media. Like us on Facebook, and you'll get access to our #OurLives profile photo frame to pledge your support.

2.     I will respect the dignity of people I meet by learning their pronouns as I learn their names.

3.     I will share the #OurLives campaign video with three friends or family members and let them know why they should get to know trans youth.

Campaign goodies

Drop us an email at if you'd like a downloadable copy of the campaign video for use in your school/organisation

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