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Purple Heroes 2017

Purple Friday is on Friday 24th of February: a day for people across Scotland to show support for LGBTI people, and stand against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in Scotland.

Despite a positive legislative picture in Scotland, there is still much to do in changing social attitudes and improving young LGBTI people’s life experiences.

  • Be a #PurpleHero – save and change young people’s lives

This year, we’re calling on people to be a #PurpleHero by showing support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex youth and the wider community to help to save and change lives.

Stand for equality to help save and change young LGBTI people’s lives this Purple Friday - be a #PurpleHero. Sign our #PurpleHero pledge now

LGBT Young People’s Mental Health

Discrimination has an adverse effect on young LGBTI people’s mental health and wellbeing.In a survey of LGBT young people from across Scotland, almost 70% said that they had experienced homophobic, biphobic, and transphobic bullying in school. Experiencing bullying had a significant impact on LGBT young people’s mental health: 43.6% of those who had experienced homophobic or biphobic bullying and 69.2% of those who had experienced transphobic bullying consider themselves to have a mental health problem.

Young people tell us:

“I am recovering from depression and anxiety which caused panic attacks mainly because of bad bullying and coming out to people at school.”

“I have had suicidal thoughts since the age of 8, fuelled by confusion of gender and not fitting into social norms. I am a closeted lesbian and often feel depressed and nervous.”

“I have lived through serious bouts of depression including self-harm and being suicidal and can be a bit overly-cautious. Given how some people have treated me in the past, and the lack of support for trans people, I don't think it's surprising.”

Saving and Changing Young People's Lives

LGBT Youth Scotland provides lifesaving and life-changing youth work across Scotland. Our work supports young people to lead happy and healthy lives, with positive mental health something young people tell us our youth work helps them with. 

Young people tell us:

“I was suicidal before I was introduced to LGBT Youth. The group saved my life”

 “The group has changed my life and saved it too.  It is the most amazing escape, and makes the world a better place”

 “The support of the workers and people attending the group assured me that I was valid, meaning I was at last able to come out to my friends and parents. Honestly, if I hadn't taken that step there might not have been a life to make a difference to.”

Stand for Equality to Help Save and Change Young People’s Lives this Purple Friday - be a #PurpleHero

  • Sign our #PurpleHero pledge
  • Wear purple this Purple Friday - share your purple selfies using the #PurpleHero hashtag.
  • Raise funds to support equality to help save and change young people’s lives. Let us know what you're up to - email
  • Share your #PurpleHero story. Know #PurpleHero’s helping make a difference? Share stories of the people in your life who help save and change young LGBTI people’s lives. Share the difference supportive people, friends and allies have made to your life. Use our #PurpleHero hashtag.


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