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Reform the GRA

Over six years ago, the Equal Recognition campaign was launched to reform the Gender Recognition Act (2004) to bring it in line with international best practice, using a human rights approach.

LGBT Youth Scotland is a key partner in the campaign working alongside the Scottish Trans Alliance, the Equality Network, Stonewall and a whole host of supporters including LGBTI, women’s and youth organisations.

Following two public consultations, the Scottish Government has now introduced the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill for the Scottish Parliament to consider.

Key asks from the initial campaign have already been conceded, with non-binary recognition off the table for this legislation, and options for those aged 12 to 15 excluded entirely in its current form. 

This Bill now needs to pass to improve the lives of trans people in Scotland, without being watered down any further. 

We need your help to make sure MSPs across the Scottish Parliament vote to pass it into law — and take into consideration the needs of trans young people under 16. 

What the Bill will do

  • Abolish the current Gender Recognition Panel system and requirements for medical evidence.

  • Introduce a system of statutory declaration, which means a trans person would make a formal legal declaration confirming that they are living in their acquired gender and intend to continue to do so for the rest of their life. 

  • Reduce the age when people can apply for a gender recognition certificate from 18 to 16.

How you can help

  • Write to your MSPs.
  • Share our campaign with friends and family so more people can get involved. 
  • Follow us on social media and come back here for campaign updates.
  • And most importantly, look after each other!

Below you can find our E-Action tool to help you email your MSPs, and everything you need to know about the background to the Bill and why it's so important to the young people we work with. 

  • Write to your MSP

    Let your MSPs know why the Gender Recognition Reform Bill is so important to you, using our draft email - or write your own.
    Email now
  • Joint statement

    Read the joint press release from Scotland's leading LGBT organisations on the Bill.
    Read more
  • Youth Commission Statement

    Read what our Trans Rights Youth Commission, made up of trans young people, have to say about the Bill and why it matters.
    Read More

    Read our handy explainer on what the Bill means and what happens next.
    Read more

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