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We fundraise every summer during Pride season to help sustain our youth work services. This year would have been no different... if only lockdown hadn’t happened. For us, the Covid-19 pandemic means a lot of our usual fundraising activities have had to come to a sudden halt and, as with many charities, this will have an enormous effect on our ability to keep services running. 

While we were fortunate enough to be able to move all our youth work services online without a break in service provision, we still need to fundraise to be able to keep our youth groups running. This is why we launched our #StillProud campaign.

We would like you to consider how much you would have spent at Pride this summer if you had the chance and make a donation to help us support LGBT young people when they most need it.

Most of us can admit that Pride can be a bit of an indulgent time for us. We get dressed up, drown ourselves in glitter and feathers, travel to other cities, drink a few too many fizzy pops, splurge on greasy food and have an all-round amazing time. But have you ever considered just how much that all costs? Well, we've done some digging…

A poll of our staff members found that we spend a whopping average of £45 per person on attending Prides (and that’s not including ticket costs). This year, with none of the events going ahead, what if a percentage of that went to charities like LGBT Youth Scotland who make a powerful impact on the lives of younger generations of LGBTI people?

Why? Because we're #StillProud and we're making sure our young people are too. 

You can make a donation via our donate page here:


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