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Donate your birthday

This year instead of asking for loads of pressies make a real difference by getting your nearest and dearest to give a donation to LGBT Youth Scotland instead. Facebook make it super easy for you to use your birthday to raise money to help us support many more LGBT young people.

Three things that are great about Facebook Birthday Fundraisers:

  • It’s very easy to set up and getting the word out to your friends.
  • People can donate to your fundraiser in just a few clicks without leaving Facebook. It’s fast, simple and secure.
  • Facebook charges no fees for donations made to charities – so whatever is donated, we receive the full amount making each donation count where it’s most needed.

To donate your birthday to LGBT Youth Scotland, simply create your fundraiser here:

Keep in mind that you'll be asked to provide the following information when creating a birthday fundraiser:

  • The nonprofit (charity) you want to raise money for – please select LGBT Youth Scotland
  • The amount of money you want to raise
  • The date you want your fundraiser to end
  • A title and description for your fundraiser – we have provided some suggested wording which you will see when creating your fundraiser on Facebook but feel free to make it personal and relevant to you.

More info here:

  • The difference you can make

    Your birthday fundraiser will help us support many more young people like Molly and Shauni.
  • Carrie & Sarah's Story

    Talking about what it was like for them to attend a LGBT Youth Scotland youth group and why it still matters to young people nowadays

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