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Fundraise while you shop

While there are many platforms out there that help raise funds for charities while shopping, we have picked one that we think is the most straight forward and easy to use!

Sustainably is a new way of giving that enables you to change the world every time you shop!

With Round Ups from Sustainably you can turn your everyday spare change into something good.

Sustainably automatically rounds up all your purchases to the nearest £1 and donates your 'spare change' to your chosen charity. Find out more below!

What is Sustainably?
Sustainably is an app that helps you do good every day. At Sustainably they believe that doing good should be super easy and straightforward. They’ve worked really hard, so that you can support the causes you care about, with less effort and more control. We have partnered with Sustainably so you can now support us by donating your spare change every time you shop.

How does it work?
With Round Ups, you connect your bank to Sustainably using a new government supported initiative called Open Banking. This lets you securely share the data held by your bank with companies like Sustainably, so they can calculate your Round Ups from your everyday purchases. Sustainably only retrieves your account transaction amount and transaction detail in order to do your Round Ups, and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, with bank level security, so you can change the world, safely and securely, every time you shop.  Sustainably is trusted by some of the UK's biggest charities, and was named by Richard Branson as his startup of the Year 2019. At LGBT Youth Scotland we're really excited to be one of their early adopters.

Sustainably rounds up your everyday purchases to the nearest £1 and donates your spare change to your chosen cause. Round Ups only happen on your everyday purchases like coffee, groceries or new shoes. Not bills, money transfers or any direct debits.

How do I sign up?
It only takes a few minutes to get set up and start supporting LGBT Youth Scotland with your spare change! Simply download the app on your mobile phone now:

What is open banking?
Open banking came into force in January 2018 with the intention of helping you make the most of your money by enabling innovation. You can find out more on their website

Can I set limits on my Round Ups?
You can set a monthly cap on your Round Ups and pause your account in the app instantly.

How does the payment for Round Ups work
Round Ups work separately from the transactions you make at any retailers.  So if you buy a coffee for £1.95, you will pay £1.95, and pledge to give £0.05 to your chosen cause.  Sustainably aggregates all your pledges, and deducts your donation when your Round Ups reach £5.00, and transfers it to LGBT Youth Scotland. You can see the balance of your Round Ups in your My Account.

I already have round ups set up for saving or investment.  Can I still use Sustainably?
Yes, because Sustainably works separately by pledging your donations on your everyday purchases, you can still use it in conjunction with a round up product for your savings or investments.  Your Round Ups donations from Sustainably will be deducted from your account and sent to LGBT Youth Scotland when they get to £5.00 in aggregate.

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