Ali Kerr

Head of Partnerships


Why do you want to make Scotland the best place for LGBTQ+ young people to flourish and thrive?

I want to live in a country I am proud of. One which sets the standard for fairness, kindness and equity. Young people are the future of Scotland and if we ensure that all young people can reach their fabulous potential then that’s the fastest way to get there.

What is your experience?

I have been raising funds for charities, and telling their stories, for over 30 years . Which means I am very much not a young person! All of my work has been about building relationships which make charities and communities stronger, and after all this time I still feel very passionate about people and the amazing things they can do when they work together for the same cause.

What do you do for fun?

I enjoy watching a lot of terrible TV and spending time with all the wonderful people I love, who give me lots of energy and motivation.

What mattered most to you when you were a young person? 

So long ago …. I grew up during a cold war and was very invested in the getting rid of nuclear weapons through CND. I was also very committed to chocolate. Both passions are still going strong.