Dorothee Weber –

Andres Ordorica

Poet and writer Andrés Ordorica just shared this with us on his Instagram in support of Purple Friday: “Here’s me, age six, back when being a published novelist (let alone an Observer 2024 Top Debut) and award-winning poet centring queer stories was an unimaginable dream. This #PurpleFriday I’m supporting @lgbtys and encouraging LGBTQ+ young people […]

Alan Cumming

In its 9th year, we are gearing up to celebrate Purple Friday 💜 on 23rd February – a day to spread hope, love and support for LGBTQ+ young people in Scotland! We are thrilled to have Bafta-winning actor, Alan Cumming back our efforts to to bathe the nation in purple. He told us: “I’m delighted […]

She/ Her Izzy – GLOW group – Perth

Maslows Pancake Stack Of Needs

Maslow’s Pancake Stack of needs! For Pancake Day the GLOW group considered pancakes as a metaphor for life. We thought about how the first pancake always turns out rubbish but this paves the way for better pancakes and reflected on our own ‘First Pancake’ moments in life. Then we thought about a ‘recipe for life’ […]

Lou – Forth Valley – Creative Stirling

Comic Book Day

To round off 2023, and bring in 2024, Forth Valley's Lavender Lives project has running some creative workshops with young people. Lavender Lives Part 2, funded by Youthlink Scotland's Art Fund, provides our young people with opportunities to be creative, learn new skills, meet people, build confidence and grow their employability skills. On Saturday, we […]

Ann Catherine Marriott – Edinburgh, Lothian and the Scottish Borders

Purple East

The LGBTYS East Team, Ann, Socks, Julia, Nari and Keith are taking part in the Purple Friday: Miles for Money Challenge to champion LGBTQ+ visibility and raise money for LGBT Youth Scotland. We aim to complete 250 miles by swimming, walking, running, ballet, rowing, elliptical and burlesque!! Would you like to sponsor us to keep […]

She/Her Socks – Edinburgh


The Crannie Community Hub in Edinburgh and LGBTYS have been collaborating on a chef project – 4 young people have been working with a professional chef, supporting them to gain access to the hospitality! So far the young people have cooked a cauliflower wellington with roasted veggies and raspberry cheesecake, and most recently they learnt […]

She/Her Socks – Edinburgh

Cards 1

This Christmas, the Edinburgh based SmashUp group made queer festive cards to send to groups in Dundee, Perth and Glasgow. After the SmashUp cards arrived in the post, the Glow group said: ‘It felt really nice to do something in collaboration with another group. I liked receiving the cards and thinking about what they will […]

He/Him Alan – Edinburgh

IMG 20230425 183726 1

The Rainbow Cookery project was developed and created to encourage young people into cooking and to show that it doesn’t have to be scary or expensive and that you can make some incredible food without spending a fortune. Young people made some beautiful things!

She/Her Izzy –

Ed Pride 2022

We’re pleased to introduce you to everyone’s favourite member of the Central and North team, our lovable mascot Kenneth!! Kenneth lives with our Dundee group who won him in a contest, as well as attending group every Wednesday he goes on lots of adventures, including attending Pride marches across the country. This year Kenneth travelled […]