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Purple Friday – Our annual fundraising day

Why purple?

The purple stripe on the Pride flag represents the spirit of the LGBT+ community and our allies. So we created a day to celebrate that spirit and bring people together to build a better Scotland for LGBTQ+ young people.

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What is Purple Friday?

Our annual fundraising day that brings people all over Scotland together, to show their support for LGBTQ+ young people.


That visibility is so important because it shows LGBTQ+ young people that they are seen and loved for who they are.


It takes place on the last Friday of February, which is also LGBT History Month. The next Purple Friday will be on 23rd February 2024.

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Take part in the Miles for Money challenge

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Let’s work together this Purple Friday to give LGBTQ+ young people in Scotland a brighter future.

This year we are inviting you to champion LGBTQ+ visibility by lighting up Scotland with our Purple Friday: Miles for Money Challenge. 

Visibility is so important for LGBTQ+ young people because it shows them that they are seen and loved for who they are. It challenges stereotypes, dispels ignorance, and fosters acceptance. Being a visible ally for LGBTQ+ equality opens hearts and minds, creating a more inclusive Scotland for all.

This Purple Friday we are asking you to be a high-viz/visible ally and light up your community, school or workplace by taking on our Miles for Money Challenge. Decide your distance and cover as many miles as you can to raise much needed funds for Scotland’s national charity for LGBTQ+ young people. The more miles we can clock up, the more money we can raise and the brighter Scotland becomes. You’ll quite literally be able to see our map of Scotland light up purple on the day with all the amazing activity that happens across the country.

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Set your challenge

Decide if you’d like to do a month-long challenge throughout February or complete all your miles in a day. Are you doing it solo, or are you getting your friends, colleagues, family, or pupils involved? Choose what suits you best!

Set your target

Now decide how many miles you will take on and how much you’ll raise – Aim to raise at least £1 for every mile you walk or move.

Get going

The more miles we clock up, the more money we can raise, and the brighter Scotland becomes!

Share your miles

Whether your challenge takes place throughout February or on another day in the month, let’s come together and collectively light up Scotland on the day. Simply join the community feed on our website and share your photo and message of support.

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Register to take part now and we will send you a fundraising pack with all the info you need to make this the biggest and best Purple Friday yet!

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