LGBT Awareness Training

Supporting you to become more LGBT inclusive

What is LGBT Charter Awareness Training?

Our LGBT Awareness Training is a standalone online training module for staff and practitioners. This accessible training course supports individuals to explore LGBTQ+ identities and better understand LGBTQ+ experiences.

What does it cover?

The course contains around 2 hours’ worth of content and can be completed at the pace of the learner, ideally in two sittings.


It features information on legislation and terminology, interactive activities, and videos from young people, as well as a wealth of downloadable resources. 

Added value

Staff will have access to the training for one calendar month and will be able to complete the module at their convenience alongside other work and projects. 


Once the access window has closed, you will receive a set of anonymised evaluation data on participants’ experiences of the training, along with their own contributions to the reflective exercises. This data can be used to inform future training developments and conversations around inclusive practice within your organisation. 


There is a tiered pricing structure for this training based on the number of participants you would like to enrol in the course. If you would like to enrol more than 200 members of staff on this training course, please contact us for a bespoke conversation about pricing. 

Other programmes

If you would like to take part in a long-term programme for your learning or working environment, the LGBT Charter  might be better suited to you.

Schools, colleges and universities can sign up to participate in our LGBT Charter for Education.


Organisations can sign up to participation in our LGBT Charter for Organisations


Workplaces can sign up to participate in our LGBT Charter for Workplaces.

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