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What is youth work?

  • Youth work is a type of support provided to you by trained adults.
  • It will help you make new friends, feel more connected to your community, pick up new skills, and make positive choices.
Our youth work team offer different types of support. Choose the right option for you:

Support from a youth worker to help you explore your sexual orientation or gender identity

Meet like-minded people in a range of different settings across the country – or online

Talk to a youth worker online at regular slots each week (Monday to Thursday) 

Our online community for verified users, hosted on a secure, invite only Discord server

  • It takes a lot of courage to come and chat to us about your gender identity and/or sexual orientation.
  • We take that really seriously, and everything you tell us is confidential.
  • The only exception to this is if you tell us that you or another young person is not safe.
  •  If that is the case, then we may need to tell someone who is able to help.
  • We will always talk to you about we are going to do before we do it.
  • We really hope that you have a good experience with LGBT Youth Scotland, however we always want to know if there is a problem.
  • If you have any feedback about our services, you can email
  • If you would like to make a formal complaint you can do this by emailing and it will be investigated.
  • Read more about out Complaints Policy

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