On the 7th and the 28th of March, Forth Valley young people attended a Ceramics taster session at Creative Stirling venue. Hannah (MacKintosh), who was the artist leading the workshops, taught the young people about Pottery Throwing, alongside her trusty sidekick Diaz (the dog).

Hannah began the session by demonstrating the process of pottery throwing (which literally involves throwing some clay onto the wheel!). Using the wheels and working in pairs (one of the wheel and the other offering moral support), the young people each created their own bowl. The young people learned every step of the process, from throwing the clay to taking it securely off the wheel (which may be the hardest part due to how delicate the clay is!). Following this, they got to pick the colour of glaze they wanted, and now the bowls are off to the kiln to be fired! One of the young people fed back “I quite liked the texture of the clay, and the way I was able to shape it on the wheel”.

The final creations were brilliant. With it being the young people’s first time they did exceptionally well. Everyone said they would definitely be interested in doing this again in future. Sessions like this provide young people with new creative skills for the future, that can either be used as creative expression, a tool for wellbeing or employment pathway/opportunity.

The Lavender Lives Part 2 project has been providing Forth Valley young people with opportunities to take part in various creative learning workshops. This has had a really positive impact and one of the young people who has attended multiple events fed back “I love trying new things all different creative projects- I wouldn’t be able to access these activities otherwise like due to the cost”.

Hannah (and Diaz) take regular students and classes in The Pottery Studio at Creative Stirling Venue