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On the 10th and the 17th of March, Forth Valley young people attended a full day screen printing workshop at Glasgow Print Studio. Ros, who was the artist leading the workshops, taught the young people about the screen printing process.

Ros had prepared exposed screens with various text, submitted by the young people, focusing on Trans Joy and Trans Rights. The young people created hand crafted stencils out of news print to creative colourful and creative designs, focusing on the theme of Trans Joy/Rights, and other elements of the LGBTQIA+ community and representations of themselves.

The young people learned the process of mixing colours and working as a team to print their designs using screens. The group were really experimental with their use of colour- using paint brushes and pouring techniques to create flag designs, as well as abstract and gradient backgrounds. One of the young people fed back "I loved printing my art. I loved whenever people made that shocked sound every time people lift up the screen".

The final design were incredible- with visual representations of our young people, their passion for the LGBTQIA+ community, their rights and their creative abilities. When asked why is it important to raise awareness to LGBTQIA+ rights, it was fed back "so people don't forget how much we still need to fight for our rights".

The final works will be converted to digital posters as part of LGBT Youth Scotland's Trans Rights campaign, and a selection of original works will be on show for Lavender Lives Part 2's exhibition as part of Forth Valley Pride.

The Lavender Lives Part 2 project has been providing Forth Valley young people with opportunities to take part in various creative learning workshops. This has had a really positive impact and one of the young people who has attended multiple events fed back "I love trying new things all different creative projects- I wouldn't be able to access these activities otherwise like due to the cost".