LGBTI Equality Manifesto

LGBTI Equality manifesto

This manifesto was co-developed by LGBT Youth Scotland, Stonewall Scotland, Equality Network and Scottish Trans Alliance. It sets out our joint priorities for delivering equality for LGBTQ+ people in the 2021- 2026 parliamentary term. It is further endorsed by our partners at LGBT Health and Wellbeing, LEAP Sports Scotland, Time for Inclusive Education, and iCON UK.  


All of these organisations work to achieve equality for LGBTQ+ people. Experiences of discrimination and marginalisation due to sexual orientation, trans status or variations in sex characteristics can vary widely, and thus require different and multifaceted solutions for these groups of people. Some of our calls in this manifesto are specific to particular groups – such as bisexual people, or non-binary people. Some of our calls will be specific to people who are marginalised in multiple ways – such as LGBTQ+ refugees, or older LGBTQ+ people. 

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