Our response to the ruling on the reform of the Gender Recognition Act

Today Lady Haldane has ruled that the UK Government can block the Gender Recognition Reform Bill.

We share your disappointment and anger at this ruling – it’s been a long battle, but it’s not over yet. You can read what we’ve said publicly below.


At the moment we suggest the best thing to do is ignore the online trolls – try avoiding hate on social media platforms and legacy media and instead surround yourselves with the love and supportive voices and actions of your community and allies.

If you are affected by this, please see the support we can offer at the bottom of this article.  

Dr Mhairi Crawford, Chief Executive of LGBT Youth Scotland said:


“Today Lady Haldane has ruled that the UK Government can block the Gender Recognition Reform Bill, a deeply distressing decision disregarding years of advocacy that slows our progress to a fairer society. This obstructing of simple administrative changes will massively impact trans young people, who should have the right to live as themselves without scrutiny. We call on the Scottish Government to stay resolute in their ambition to ensure the best outcome for trans young people by swiftly challenging this ruling. No law should deny individuals, especially young people, the right to gain legal gender recognition aligning with their identity. Everyone should have the right to live their lives, regardless of the background, sexual orientation or gender identity.”



The LGBT Youth Scotland Trans Right’s Youth Commission said:


“We all want to be seen for who we are, both by the law and those we love; however, this is something that is a struggle for trans people. Gender recognition reform seeks to lift this weight off our shoulders, and it is incredibly disheartening and upsetting to hear the court ruling. We hope that with time this will be realised, allowing all of us to be equally respected.”

If you’re affected by this, and if you want to chat about it we are here for you. We also want to encourage you to support one another. We all need friends when things are difficult.

You can reach out to the youth worker for your group for a one to one, or Monday – Thursday you can also use the live chat and speak to a member of the digital team. You can access this using the widget below.

Please take time for you, and know you are valid and loved.

Please do reach out to youth workers, trusted friends or any of the support organisations below.

In emergencies, please call 999 immediately.

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